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The Latest Internet News
[2005-01-29] MySQL De-Wormed
The MySQL bot worm that was attacking Windows was stopped dead in its tracks late Friday according to a report by Cnet.

[2005-01-28] Worm Variant Targets Microsoft Servers Running MySQL
Security companies have identified a variant of the Forbot worm that targets Windows servers with MySQL, an open database software package, installed.

[2005-01-19] Oracle Releases Critical Patch Update
Oracle has released a group of critical security patches for a number of the company's products. These patches mark the first time Oracle has released security updates after deciding in 2004 to do so on a quarterly basis.

[2005-01-18] Improving SQL Performance
How do you know how much hardware is really needed by your applications? And what do you do when your applications are overloading your system? The answer lies with improving your SQL performance. You have to tune your hardware SQL server and monitor performance, all of which will be explained as clearly as possible on this page.

[2005-01-14] Where Will You Store Your Data?
Over on SiliconBeat, I ran across their How big is Bloglines? story. Before I get into what I really wanted to say ...

[2005-01-12] Using Profiler to Identify Poorly Performing Queries
Identifying Long Running Queries is First Step At this step in the SQL Server performance audit, you should have identified all the "easy" performance fixes.

[2005-01-11] Developing a Login System with PHP and MySQL
Most interactive websites nowadays would require a user to log in into the website's system in order to provide a customized experience for the user. Once the user has logged in, the website will be able to provide a presentation that is tailored to the user's preferences.

[2005-01-11] SQL Server Jobs Can Negatively Affect Performance, If You Are Not Careful
Virtually every SQL Server runs one or more daily jobs. And most likely, runs many weekly jobs. Unfortunately, most DBAs set up jobs, and then forget about them, unless of course they break. But if they run day after day without any problems, most jobs are forgotten about.

[2005-01-06] SQL Server Application and Transact-SQL Performance
Application and Transact-SQL Code Greatly Affect SQL Server Performance.

[2005-01-04] SQL Server Database Index Performance
Auditing Index Use is Not an Easy Task, But Critical to Your Server's Performance.

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