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The Latest Internet News
[2003-10-23] How to Search for Date and Time Values Using Microsoft SQL Server 2000
Suppose you're writing a query to find all the invoices that were written on January 6, 2003. You know from the control totals that 122 invoices were written that day. But when you run this query:

[2003-10-23] Build a Servlet-based Application That Executes SQL Statements Against a Database
This tutorial shows how to use a Java servlet, a JavaServer Page (JSP), and a static Java class to create an application that can be used to interactively execute any standard SQL statement against a database that's running on a server. You can use an application like this one to work with a database as you're developing an application. In this article, this application will be referred to as the SQL Gateway application.

[2003-10-09] SQL Server Upgrade Recommendations and Best Practices - Part 2
The first article of the series, Part 1 - Upgrade Overview and Project Planning, detailed the business justification for upgrades to SQL Server 2000 related to TCO (Total Cost of Ownership), automation capabilities and new features from both the Business and DBA perspectives. The next portion of the article outlined a detailed process to break down the SQL Server 2000 project as well as the applicable Upgrade project phases using high level steps. Both sets of information were in simple terms for DBAs new to the Upgrade process, well experienced DBAs needing a refresher or for technical managers interested in the level of effort and overall planning for a SQL Server 2000 Upgrade.

[2003-10-09] Using Your Database To Do the Work
A lot of people have asked me "what can I do to make the database work for me, instead of ColdFusion?". The truth is that any veteran developer will tell you that making the database do the work, is the best practice in web development. I can think of a few different ways to make the database work for you. By this I mean telling the database to insert values, create tables and much more. In this tutorial I will show you the basics of how to make your database do the work for you! let's begin.

[2003-10-09] SQL Server Upgrade Recommendations and Best Practices
As the DBA in your organization, you are central to the success of the SQL Server environment. In the case of a system upgrade, you need to act as a ‘driver' for an upgrade project to ensure success based on your technical expertise and role in the organization. Over this multi-part series, these articles will outline proven and recommended best practices for the upgrade process. This process is detailed from both technical and logistical perspectives which are both critical to the success of the project.

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