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The Latest Internet News
[2003-08-20] Considerations For a Portal Site with Search Engine Presence
A client of mine is developing a large portal site using Oracle 9i AS and has asked me whether this program will have any effect on the search engine presence that their site already maintains. Can you tell me whether there are any issues I have to consider in optimising this site for the search engines (above the normal considerations) and what limitations the software might bring in this area. Many thanks indeed for any help you can give. Yours faithfully Rachel S. Artychoke

[2003-08-19] How to Upgrade a SQL Server 7.0 Cluster to a SQL Server 2000 Cluster
Every time I have to perform some major work on my production SQL Server clusters, I spend a lot of time researching and planning the task at hand. And when it comes to something as big as an upgrade from a SQL Server 7.0 Cluster to a SQL Server 2000 cluster, I even spend more time than usual. I can't afford for mistakes on a server that needs to be up 24/7.

[2003-08-15] SQL Server 2000 Table Hints
As you advance in your skills as a Transact-SQL developer or SQL Server database administrator there will come a time when you need to override SQL Server's locking scheme and force a particular range of locks on a table. Transact-SQL provides you with a set of table-level locking hints that you can use with SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE statements to tell SQL Server how you want it to lock the table by overriding any other system-wide or transactional isolation level.

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