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The Latest Internet News
[2003-07-31] Workaround for The Mutating Table Problem Caused by Triggers
One of the situations when we face with the mutating table error is when we have a trigger that tries to access any row in the table that it triggers from.

[2003-07-29] Validating XML: A Pretty Complete Primer
As the Internet moves forward, Extensible Markup Language, XML, is poised to become the method for interchanging information among all sorts of devices. For instance, a hand-held Global Positioning System device might be Internet-enabled to receive weather reports encoded in XML. This hypothetical device doesn't have a lot of extra memory to do all the error-checking and "forgiving" that a browser can do with your HTML. This means that servers must ensure that the data is "good to go" before sending it to the device. XML Schema is a new method that the World Wide Web Consortium has come up with to help make sure your data is valid.

[2003-07-29] How to use XPath and sorting in XML
In the first article I have shown you how to get quick results with XML,XSL and ASP. I have also introduced a short paragraph about XPath. In this article i will show you how you can use this combination with a very easy and understandable code to sort data. As sorting is a very important task that needs to be implemented in nearly every form, simplifying its implementation will save you precious developement time in your projects. As opposed to the hand crafted solutions that one needed to use in the past, XPath enables you to write robust, self documented and easy to understand sorting code with a very short developement cycle.

[2003-07-28] Auditing Your SQL Server Environment Part II - Reviewing your Role Membership
Over the last few years I have been a roving SQL Server DBA contractor and tended to work contacts in small and mid-size companies that involved organizing, documenting and then tuning/optimizing existing SQL Servers in those companies. I have noticed one very disturbing truth over the years; no one seems to document anything. In fact, I was usually thankful if I could find something or someone who knew the sa passwords on each SQL Server installation, let alone knew anything else about their setups.

[2003-07-15] Inputting A Text File Into SQL Server Using T-SQL
Question: Is it possible to input a text file into SQL Server using T-SQL?

[2003-07-05] Regular Expressions in T-SQL
I recently had the problem of trying to search for a regular expression in a database field. There is no version of SQL Server that supports regular expressions natively, but I discovered a way to add all sorts of regular expression goodness to your T-SQL applications. In order to use regular expressions easily, we can use a User Defined Function to help us out and abstract the work for us.

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