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The Latest Internet News
[2003-06-30] Small Business Server and e-Commerce Capacity
Question: I'm a partner (one of six) in a small business and am trying to deploy our web site with an attendant web-based application (survey data collection and reporting). The system is being designed in Java and is using SQL Server as the back-end. We were thinking of launching this on a box running MS Small Business Server 2000 (as it would then also obviate a number of other small business software needs, such as email with Exchange server, internet security, etc.). Is this deployment strategy reasonable? Does SBS handle enough anonymous TCP/IP connections to do e-commerce where we don't know how many people my be trying to connect to our database to buy stuff? Any help you can provide will be greatly appreciated.

[2003-06-30] SQL Server Startup Parameters
Every now and then we all have to reread something we may already know because frankly if you are like me, you can't keep everything in your head. I tend to go back over tips and tricks and even database concepts when I have time so I will maybe remember enough about it so when a problem arises I at least know where to go look and find the answer. It is with, that I want to write about my latest re-education attempt.

[2003-06-16] Auditing Your SQL Server Environment Part I
Over the last few years I have been a roving SQL Server DBA contractor and tended to work contacts in small and mid-size companies that involved organizing, documenting and then tuning/optimizing existing SQL Servers in those companies. I have noticed one very disturbing truth over the years; no one seems to document anything. In fact, I was usually thankful if I could find something or someone who knew the sa passwords on each SQL Server installation, let alone knew anything else about their setups.

[2003-06-02] How to implement generators in MSSQL server
One of the important properties of any client-server application is its serviceability and an intuitive user interface. Many widely used relational database management systems have a lot of opportunities to choose different user interface features. Intending to make a program decision easy and convenient, and, at the same time, to keep the referential integrity of the database, it is often necessary to know the values of the key fields of the processed tables before their real inserting.

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