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The Latest Internet News
[2003-04-30] Will the Real Database Leader Please Stand Up?
Though Oracle and IBM deny that MySQL, PostgreSQL or other open-source offerings are a threat to their enterprise business, they are still taking steps to re-emphasize their low-end offerings.

[2003-04-30] Securing SQL Server
In late January, a worm called SQL Slammer shut down a Bank of America ATM network, Continental Airlines' online ticketing system, and an emergency call center in Seattle as well as cutting off Internet access for millions of PC users worldwide.

[2003-04-30] The Power of Partitioning
Misconceptions about partitioning abound. Experts from the Toronto Lab set the record straight about this useful feature.

[2003-04-29] Using OLEDB in ADO.NET with COBOL
In a previous article ("Data Access with ADO.NET" ( we discussed the use of the SqlClient class to access data in ADO.NET. The SqlClient class was created by Microsoft and is used primarily to access a SQL Server database. What about other databases?

[2003-04-28] XSL Transformation
Are you scalable as you could be? If you're pulling a lot of your content from a database, don't count on it.

[2003-04-28] Microsoft Releases 64-bit SQL Database
Microsoft Corp. has released a 64-bit database and claims that the new system features performance rivaling that of Unix-based systems yet offers greater ease of use and at a lower cost.

[2003-04-25] Beta of Oracle Database Upgrade Is In The Wings
Oracle Corp. aficionados gathering next week at the IOUG Live! 2003 conference in Orlando, Fla., are expected to discuss the impending beta release-and perhaps even the beta code itself-of the company's next big database upgrade.

[2003-04-22] A Stranger in a Foreign Key Land
Well, well, well... you jacked up your database, didn't you?

[2003-04-22] Using PL/SQL Records in SQL Statements
A PL/SQL RECORD is a composite datatype. In contrast to a scalar datatype like NUMBER, a record is composed of multiple pieces of information, called fields. Records can be declared using relational tables or explicit cursors as "templates" with the %ROWTYPEdeclaration attribute.

[2003-04-15] Oracle lines up airplane inventory tool
Oracle said it plans to release a new software program in May designed to reduce the aviation industry's spare-parts inventory costs by billions of dollars.

[2003-04-14] MS SQL Server undercuts competition
When Microsoft launches its 64-bit version of SQL Server at the end of April, the database will cost the same as the 32-bit version, perform better, and be part of the company's bid to oust Oracle and IBM's DB/2 on high-end systems.

[2003-04-14] DB2 failure prompts bank to set up extra disaster recovery
After software bugs took its systems down last month, Danske Bank is reluctant to rely solely on IBM recovery tools.

[2003-04-14] Middle East deal proves Oracle still in business
Keen to emphasise that it is still doing business in the Middle East, Oracle has announced an applications contract win with Arab Petroleum Investments Corporation (APICORP).

[2003-04-11] Domain Logic and SQL
Over the last couple of decades we've seen a growing gap between database-oriented software developers and in-memory application software developers.

[2003-04-11] Tech on privacy: Offender or defender?
SAN JOSE, Calif.--Although modern technology created many of society's most pressing threats to privacy, a group of researchers is out to prove that it is also the greatest defender of civil liberties.

[2003-04-11] MySQL battles the big guys
SAN JOSE, Calif.--MySQL kicked off its first-ever users conference by releasing the source code of its upcoming MySQL 5.0 product and touting its reputation as the little database company that could.

[2003-04-09] 64-bit Microsoft SQL Server for Opteron near completion
I WAS JUST THINKING of calling Jill the Transmeta Molette when a vibrating sort of call came through on my CDMA Issa enabled cellphone. It was Tarquin from Sacramento and what he said made me go all quivery and jelly-kneed.

[2003-04-09] MySQL Open Source Essentials
As noted in last year's METAspectrum(SM) on database vendors for Unix and Windows (see SIS Deltas 1039 and 1040), the market for enterprise database management is very mature.

[2003-04-09] Sybase Debuts Code Sharing Forum
Database software firm Sybase (Quote, Company Info) Tuesday launched a new online forum for its developers to share information about its products.

[2003-04-09] The Data Access Dilemma
Whether it is an Internet or Intranet, a web catalog or an e-commerce site with shopping cart, somewhere these applications are accessing a data source.

[2003-04-08] SQL Server 2000 Active Directory Integration
SQL Server 2000 was designed to operate as an integral part of the Windows 2000 domain environment. Unfortunately, the new features that best exemplify this integration are rarely taken advantage of. The purpose of this article is to present their overview.

[2003-04-08] Danish banking customers let down by IBM DB2
Customers of Denmark's largest bank were left in the dark after of errors with IBM's database software brought service down in mid March.

[2003-04-07] Oracle inks homeland security deal
Oracle has signed a deal to supply the Transportation Security Administration with call center software and other information technology infrastructure.

[2003-04-04] XQuery standard inches forward
IBM and Microsoft submitted testing software to the World Wide Web Consortium standards body intended to promote an XML-based method for querying databases, or XQuery.

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