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Welcome to the 2016 Query Store!
Thursday, March 23th 2017 at 12pm EST Register here


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Welcome to the 2016 Query Store!



March 23th, 2017



12:00 pm EST


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One of my favorite new features in SQL Server® 2016 is the Query Store. The Query Store houses valuable information on performance of your queries as well as gives you great insights into your query workload.

This presentation will take a look at the Query Store, how it works, and the type of information it holds. You will learn how to use the Query Store to quickly find plan changes and analyze performance issues caused by them. New DMVs will be introduced and the performance impact of enabling the Query Store will be discussed. Both DBAs and developers can increase their performance tuning skills by attending this session.




Janis Griffin


Janis Griffin


DBA Expert


Janis Griffin has over 25 years of DBA experience, including design, development, and implementation of many critical database applications. She is an Oracle ACE and expert on SAP ASE, SQL Server ® and MySQL®. Janis has held DBA positions working with both real-time network routing databases and OLTP business to business applications, and has mentored many other DBAs on best practices in database performance tuning.


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